Mattress Brands


The Colorado Mattress Company sells and recommends Sherwood Bedding Group mattresses, because they strive to create the perfect feel and the optimal level of support in every bed. Stop by our shop to try out the Dunlopillo, Sherwood and Lumina models. We’re sure to have a mattress that is perfect for you and your partner.

The Sherwood Bedding product assortment includes value, specialty and premium products. Each line is designed to deliver superior value over national brands at virtually any price point.

With over 50 years of experience in mattress manufacturing, the Ellman family, owners of Sherwood Bedding Group, know how to build exceptional bedding products that are globally competitive.

Colorado Mattress Company stocks and sells mattresses from the following Sherwood Bedding Group lines:

Our selection guarantees that you’ll find the perfect match for your sleeping needs. Schedule an appointment with owner, Rob Rollins today, and find out how comfortable a good night’s rest can be.

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